What is the Best Over the Counter Anti Anxiety Medication?

In this article you’ll learn what the best over the counter (otc) anti anxiety medication is available for sale on the market in 2018.

There is only one over the counter anxiety medication that actually does something…. and it is called Zanaprin.  Let’s take a look at it below:

About Zanaprin


Zanaprin is a Lazarus Labs product that helps with anxiety & stress. You can obtain Zanaprin without a doctor’s prescription.

It is not an herbal product, but a scientifically designed compound that is the most powerful way of combating stress.

This medication helps with all types of anxiety disorders.

What it Helps

Zanaprin can help if you are suffering from:

  • General Anxiety Disorder
  • OCD Disorder
  • PTSD Disorder
  • Panic & Agoraphobia
  • Social Anxiety Disorder
  • Bi-Polar Disorder

How it Helps:

  • Relieve stress & anxiety
  • Let you relax
  • Make you feel more calm & in control
  • Prevent panic attacks
  • No prescriptions necessary
  • No Dangerous Side Effects

Where to Buy

Zanaprin is sold only at Lazarus Labs.

Site = http://lazaruslabs.com/zanaprin


  • Beta-phenyl-gamma-aminobutyric acid
  • Gamma-ethylamino-L-glutamic acid
  • 4-Nicotinoylamino-butyric acid
  • 2-aminoethanesulfonic acid


Instructions to Take it

You will take 1 to 2 tablets a day and never to exceed 2 tablets in a 24 hour period. You cannot take the product if you have a known medical condition including but not limited to, high blood pressure, any cardio vascular disorder, hyperthyroidism, diabetes, or are taking anti depression. If you’re ever questioning whether or not you should take Zanaprin, it is best to consult your with healthcare provider.

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