Why Do I Get Anxiety in the Shower?

This article answers the question, “How come you get anxiety in the shower in the morning or night time? Even when the shower is hot or cold temperature. Let’s take a look.

Why Is This Happening?!

There are a number of different reasons why you could potentially be getting an anxiety attack in the shower. Below we’re going to go through a list of reasons as to why this could potentially be happening to you. This doesn’t mean that is the set in stone reason. Rather, it is a list of possible reasonings.

1) Shower Temperature

Your body could be reacting to the temperature of the shower. Depending upon the state of your body before hand, this could be affecting it.

2) Enclosed Space

A lot of showers are in a tightknit space. And tight knit spaces are known to cause anxiety. So if you are someone who does not like being in closed spaces or is claustrophobic, then the shower could definitely be affecting your anxiety. A lot of showers are en closed and don’t have that much room to move.

3) Too Relaxed

Did you know that if we become too relaxed, we can actually give ourselves anxiety because of it. If you’re taking a hot steamy shower then there is a possibility that you are becoming incredibly relaxed. And because you are relaxed too much, you start to get anxiety.

4) You’re Worried

You could potentially be having this anxiety because you’re worried about something external. When you’re worried about something that exist outside of your control, it might be affecting some of those scenarios that you are in at that exact time.

Does it Happen A Lot?

Is this happening a lot to you? If yes, then it is probably something in the shower or the shower situation and that is causing this anxiety. If it is something that does not frequently occur in the shower, then it is likely the cause of something else.

Reports Around the Web

There are a lot of random reports around the Internet about people experiencing this anxiety in the shower. Because there are no clear-cut answers as to why you’re getting it in the shower, we figured it would be a good idea to share some of the stories that people are talking about online when they are experiencing shower anxiety.

A lot of people report that they think the reason this happens is because of the close space. A lot of people report being claustrophobic and that being the reason.

MyHeart916 said that she gets anxiety in the shower because she thinks it has to do with not being able to get help if it is needed. She basically went on to say that she gets into her own head and thinks that she would not be able to call the hospital quickly and not if something were to happen to her. Therefore she gets anxiety.

Test Yourself

You need to make a note of every single time this happens and start to document it. If this is something that is occurring over and over in the shower, then you can safely say that the shower has something to do with it. If it is something that only happens once in a while, then it’s probably safe to say that the shower doesn’t have as much to do with it and maybe something else is causing the anxiety before your shower.

How to Calm Yourself

Just remember if you are experiencing anxiety, to take a deep breath and know that everything is going to be okay. If you are someone who is in need of overcoming your anxiety, then you should checkout Zanaprin. It has helped a lot of people with their anxiety.

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Good Luck

Hopefully this article is help you and you won’t be experiencing anxiety in the shower anymore. Be sure to leave a comment if you have a question or something cool to say..See ya!